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Welcome to Bloemenweelde, your renowned flower shop in Amsterdam!
We are known for our high-quality flower bouquets, fast delivery, and great customer service.
Emphasize any special occasion (happy or sad) with our valued flower arrangements and bouquets. You can visit our shop in De Clercqstraat in Amsterdam, or order your flower delivery for Amsterdam (or in the rest of the Netherlands) online.

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Why choose Bloemenweelde Amsterdam?

1. Always Fresh Flowers
Our flowers are purchased fresh daily at the auction. This ensures that the recipient can enjoy a bouquet for a long time.
Tip: Read the flower care tips on our website!

2. Bouquets for Every Occasion:
Whether it's a birthday, anniversary, birth, wedding, or funeral, we have a suitable bouquet for every occasion.

3. Easy Online Ordering:
Order a beautiful bouquet easily and securely on our user-friendly website. Explore our extensive range and choose the perfect bouquet!

4. Flower Delivery Amsterdam:
Bloemenweelde Amsterdam is one of the largest florists in Amsterdam, and delivers flowers in the city of Amsterdam all day with multiple drivers.

5. Flower Delivery in the Netherlands:
At Bloemenweelde you can easily order flowers online and have them delivered throughout the Netherlands. We make and deliver the flower arrangements for Amsterdam and the surrounding area ourselves. In the rest of the Netherlands, the bouquets are made and delivered by our colleagues from Fleurop. We will always remain your point of contact for these orders!

6. Skilled Floral Designers:
We work with a dedicated team of highly experienced floral designers who create the most beautiful arrangements with passion and craftsmanship. Bloemenweelde has been a well-known name in and around Amsterdam for years.

Order flowers for every occasion

Ordering flowers is a thoughtful way to express your feelings and let someone special know you're thinking of him/her!

We receive many flower orders for the following occasions:

  1. For a Birthday: Flowers are a classic gift for birthdays. We're happy to create a bouquet tailored to the birthday person's taste!
  2. Weddings: Flowers play a significant role in weddings, both as decorations and gifts for the newlyweds.
  3. Anniversaries: Flowers are often given to celebrate anniversaries as a sign of love and appreciation.
  4. Births: Congratulate new parents with a bouquet to celebrate the birth of a baby.
  5. Condolences: Flowers are often sent as a gesture of sympathy to bereaved families upon a death.
  6. Valentine's Day: One of the most popular occasions for giving flowers, often roses, as a symbol of love and romance.
  7. Mother's Day: Flowers are a traditional gift for mothers to show appreciation and love.
  8. Expressions of Thanks: As gratitude for a kind gesture or to appreciate someone's efforts.
  9. Business Occasions: Flowers can be sent as a thank you, congratulations, or in honor of an anniversary or business achievement.
  10. For a New Home: Flowers are often ordered to congratulate someone on a new house.
  11. To Express Gratitude: Flowers as a thank-you for someone who has done something special or helped in some way.
  12. For the Holidays: During Christmas, Easter, and other holidays, flowers are often sent to family and friends.