Roses per piece (starting from 10)

Order roses per piece online at Bloemenweelde!

Choose the desired amount of roses (starting from 10 pieces), and we will deliver them quickly to the recipient.
Our A-quality roses are available in two lengths; 60 cm (L) and 70 cm (XL).

Meaning red roses:
Red roses symbolize love, loyalty, friendship, beauty, and perfection. You send red roses to show someone that you love them very much.

Meaning white roses:
White roses symbolize purity, innocence, serenity, trust, and new beginnings. White roses are widely used at weddings and funerals. Besides that, white roses are also sent to offer someone an apology.

Meaning pink roses:
Pink roses symbolize happiness, admiration, joy, and elegance. You can send pink roses to a birthday, to celebrate a birth or as a beautiful pink flower surprise!

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