Order roses at Bloemenweelde!
You can easily choose the desired amount of beautiful strong roses and we will quickly deliver that quantity to the recipient. Our A-quality roses are available in three lengths; 60 cm/23 inch (L), 70 cm/27 inch (XL) and 80 cm/ 31 inch (XXL).

Meaning of red roses:
The symbol for love, loyalty, friendship, beauty and perfection. You send red roses when you want to show someone that you love them.

Meaning of white roses:
The symbol for purity, innocence, serenity, trust and new beginnings. White roses are often used at weddings and funerals. Or to offer someone an apology.

Meaning of pink roses:
The symbol for happiness, admiration, joy and elegance. White roses are a good choice to send to a birthday boy, or as a congratulations on a birth or of course just as a beautiful flower surprise!