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This etiquette for funeral flowers is read often by our customers before they order a funeral arrangement. Luckily most people don't have to order funeral flowers very often, so a bit of help in finding the right arrangement is often appreciated. On our website, we offer many different funeral arrangements. But what is an appropriate arrangement in a certain situation? Can I send funeral flowers to the family directly, or is it better to send my flowers to the funeral home? What is the difference between a funeral bouquet and a mourning piece? On this page, we show the answers to the most frequently asked questions our clients have when ordering funeral flowers. In case you prefer personal assistance, please don't hesitate to contact us, we are more than happy to help you further!

Do I send funeral flowers to the address of the family or directly to the funeral home?

If the deceased is laid out at a funeral home, the funeral arrangement should be sent there too. In case the deceased is laid out at the home address, then your funeral flowers can be sent to the home address. Large funeral displays are normally delivered directly to the funeral home. Please always check the mourning card to see if the family has special wishes regarding the flowers for the service.

When should I have funeral flowers delivered?

We advise you to have the funeral flowers delivered at least 2 hours before the ceremony starts. Please read the funeral announcement for the right information. In case there is a funeral wake or viewing (normally held the evening before the funeral service), the flowers should preferably be delivered before the wake/viewing so they can be displayed both during this event and during the actual funeral service the day after. If you are not sure when the flowers must be delivered, we will contact the funeral home for you, and make sure what is the right time for delivering flowers for this particular service.

What information do I need when I want to order funeral flowers?

When ordering flowers for a funeral the details of the deceased and the date, time, and place of the funeral service are important information for us. We are happy with all extra information like for instance a copy of the mourning card, so we can contact the funeral home in case there are any questions. Before you order you also might want to have the text ready for the card or the mourning ribbon.

What flowers are appropriate for a funeral?

We have many different flower arrangements that are appropriate for a funeral. Below we explain which sprays and arrangements are most common in which situation. Coffin sprays are normally reserved to be ordered by the closest family members of the deceased. The children, partner, or parents for example. In case you like to order a casket piece, we advise you to always inquire with the family before ordering. A funeral spray is often ordered by family, friends, business associates and other people as a tribute to the deceased. Funeral sprays can remain beautiful for a couple of days as they are made using a base that provides water to the used flowers. A funeral bouquet can be brought on the day of the funeral. A bouquet will be laid next to the casket. Please note that a funeral bouquet will not be watered and therefore needs to be made and delivered on the same day of the funeral. Besides the above arrangements, we have funeral sprays in heart and other special shapes. We also make flower arrangements for children. Please visit our page with funeral flowers for a complete overview of all arrangements available.

Can I see photos of funeral flowers made by Bloemenweelde?

Yes, on our website we have a page with pictures of funeral arrangements that are made by us!

What color flowers shall I order for a funeral

Choose the color of flowers that are the favorite of the deceased. This is often mentioned in the funeral announcement. Sometimes we, as a florist, have more orders for a particular funeral and can advise you. If you are not sure, white is always a safe (and beautiful!) choice.

What is the difference between funeral flowers and sympathy flowers?

Funeral flowers are sent before the funeral takes place. The flowers are displayed on or near the casket during the funeral service. Sympathy flowers are sent to the family of the deceased, in memory of their loved one. Sympathy flowers can be sent before, but also after the funeral has taken place.

Can I order a personalized funeral ribbon?

Yes, on our website you can order a personalized funeral ribbon. If selected, we will attach this ribbon to the funeral spray. A ribbon consists of two parts. On both parts, there is room for a maximum of 40 characters. We use a standard cream white ribbon with the text printed in gold. A ribbon in green can be ordered on our website as well. If you wish another color, please contact us for more information! Instead of a ribbon, you can also choose to attach a funeral card or a combination of both.

What shall I write on the funeral ribbon or card?

You can choose your own personal text on the funeral ribbon or on the card. For example, we show you some expressions that are often used. ** Using 'Rest in peace' is not appropriate for a cremation.

  • Rest in peace
  • Goodbye
  • Forever in our memories
  • Thank you for a wonderful time together
  • We have no words
  • We will miss you
  • In our hearts you'll live forever
  • With sincere sympathy for your loss
  • With deepest sympathy for your loss
  • Dear ...., thank you for everything
  • Forever in my hart
  • We'll love you forever

What happens with the flowers after the funeral?

At a funeral the flowers are left around the grave after the funeral service. After a cremation, the flowers are left at the funeral home grounds. After approximately a week they are removed. Relatives can also decide to take the flowers back home of course.

Can I order funeral flowers to be delivered anywhere in the Netherlands by Bloemenweelde?

Yes, you can order funeral flowers to be delivered everywhere in the Netherlands with us. In Amsterdam and close surroundings we will deliver the funeral flowers personally. Outside our region, our fellow Fleurop colleagues will make and bring the funeral flowers for us*. Our colleagues have been screened and are official Fleurop florists just like us, so we can guarantee the same quality of funeral sprays. In case you have any questions about your order, you can of course always contact us. *On special request and in case of a large order, we can always agree to deliver the funeral flowers outside our region as well. Please contact us if you need more information on this.

Can I order funeral flowers for delivery outside the Netherlands with you?

Yes, you can. But ordering funeral flowers for delivery outside of the Netherlands is not possible through our website. In each country the prices are different. If you want to send funeral flowers abroad, please contact us. We will then see what we can have delivered for you via our Fleurop Interflora colleagues and inform you about the possibilities.  

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