Flower ordering & delivery

During and after ordering a flower delivery you might have some questions like:
Has my bouquet been delivered?
Can I still change my order?
Can I get flowers delivered today?
Please find the answers to these and more frequently asked questions below!
We cannot guarantee delivery at a certain hour, because the drivers are dealing with the (sometimes chaotic) traffic situation in Amsterdam and therefor must take the most economic route with our orders. If you let us know if you prefer morning or afternoon delivery, we will certainly do our best to meet your request.

Delivery of funeral flowers has the highest priority, we always make sure the flowers arrive in time for the funeral.
We contact the funeral home to request what is the best time of delivery when you are not sure about that.
Bouquets that are ordered before 12:00, can be delivered the same day on Monday till Saturday. Do you have an emergency but is it too late to order for today on our site? Please contact us and we gladly check if we can still deliver your order today!
Check the local time in Amsterdam.
We will update the status of your order as soon as possible when the bouquet has been delivered. Ordered flowers are always brought on the requested day to the given address/recipient. If you have indicated a preference for morning or afternoon, we try to meet up with this preference!
If the recipient is not home, we'll try to handout the bouquet to the neighbors. The recipient will get a note stating where the flowers can be collected.
In case there are no neighbours we can leave the flowers with, the recipient will receive a note asking to contact us for a second delivery attempt.
If he is not home at the second attempt, the bouquet can be collected at our shop.
Yes, Bloemenweelde is a Fleurop Interflora florist and we can handle your flower order for outside the Netherlands.
Flower orders for outside the Netherlands CANNOT be ordered through our website, because the prices abroad are very different in each country.
Please contact us and we will check the possibilities for you!
Cut the stems of the flowers asap after purchase at a 45 degree angle.
Use a sharp and clean knife!
Add the flowers food to the water in a very clean vase and put the flowers in.

See more detailed information on our how to care for my flowers page.

Bloemenweelde absolutely guarantees that our bouquets are made with fresh flowers. Therefor we guarantee that your bouquet will last at least for 7 days.
Of course the flowers must be treated well by the recipient.
Please see our the page: how to care for my flowers with tips to keep your bouquet in the best shape!

We always try to make the bouquets resemble the bouquet on the picture of our website. There can be reasons why the bouquet might look different than the image on the site: 1) We are depending on the available flowers. Although we have a larger variety of fresh flowers than most florists, it can happen that some flowers are not available anymore. Of course we always try to deliver a bouquet in the style you choose, matching your choice the best. 2) We only deliver flowers that are so fresh that we can guarantee that they stay good for 7 days. The flowers on the pictures are already blooming. The flowers we deliver are actually "fresher" than the ones on the picture! 3) The pictures on the site are made in the studio by a professional photographer, from the right angle and with the right lightning. 4) The used vase.  Many people use a perfect fitting vase which complements the bouquet. If the bouquet is placed in a vase that is not fitting so well, it will not look as good as it could. Of course we aim to deliver beautiful and generous bouquets, as similar to your choice as possible, and give you the highest value for your money!

Did you use a wrong delivery address? Would you like to add a vase? That is no problem, you can change your order up to one day before delivery by sending an e-mail with your ordernumber and changes to info@bloemenweelde-amsterdam.nl

Sometimes it is still possible to adjust an order for the same day too. If you have an important change it is best to contact us by telephone on 020-616 8704, so we check immediately if the change can still be made for you. Once the order has left for delivery, we cannot change it anymore.

Cancellations can be made only for orders with a delivery address within the Netherlands. A cancellation must be made by e-mail, at least 24 hours before the delivery date.
The cancellation fee is 10% of the order amount, with a minimum of € 8,50.

*Please note that fresh cut flowers are fast-paced goods and therefore there is no right of withdrawal.

As flowers are perishable, for flowers there is no right of withdrawal.

For items that are not perishable, for instance vases, you have the right of withdrawal. These items can be returned if you ordered and received the goods personally and the items are not damaged or used. You can return the goods within 14 calendar days after the delivery day. Please mention the following details: the order number, the reason of returning the goods and your contact details. The items need to be sent to us well protected for transport.

Do you have another question?

Do you need more information?

Please contact us, we gladly assist you. Your questions will be answered as soon as possible. If you have a question about an order, please mention your order number so we can find your order quickly.