How to take care of flowers

Giving good care to your flowers will make you enjoy your fresh bouquet longer.
Do you want to know the tips and tricks for taking care of your bouquet?
Please read our tips below, and keep your flowers looking fresh as long as possible!

1. Clean vase

Always use a clean vase to put your bouquet in. Not just spooling, it is really important the vase is cleaned thoroughly with water and soap, because the bacteria from the previous bouquet will weaken your flowers very quickly! So having all bacteria out is an important first step in taking good care for your bouquet.

2. Flower food

To each bouquet we attach a little bag with flower food. Flower food does really work! If you follow the instructions on the bag and mix it with lukewarm water, you are doing great. Also be sure that the fresh cut flowers are placed in the clean vase with the food & water as soon as possible. Taking good care as soon as possible of course will lengthen the lifetime of your flowers.

3. Cut the lower leaves

The lower leaves should be taken of the stems, as they will rot, causing bacteria to grow very fast. Your flowers will be quickly affected by bacteria in the water. If possible, really don’t allow anything but the stems of the flowers in your vase!

4. Cut the stems

Even when you receive a fresh bouquet, we advise you to cut of a bit from the bottom of the stem. Use a sharp and clean knife and cut in an angle, so the flower can absorb water freely. Never use scissors, as they will crush the stems and your flowers will not be able to absorb water well.

5. A cosy place

Find a cosy place in your house, that is kind for the flowers as well.If possible, avoid placing your flowers:- closeby the heating, airconditioning or in a drafty place.- next to fruit, as the ethylene that is produced by the fruit will noticeably fasten the aging of your flowers.- in direct sunlight as this can overheat the flowers.

6. Refresh the water

Refresh the water as soon as it gets cloudy. This will be every 2 or 3 days, or sooner when the temperature rises. Take the bouquet out of the vase. Remove flowers that are not healthy anymore. Cut the stems of the healthy flowers again and clean the vase with water and soap. You will notice that your flowers really live up after being placed in fresh water.

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