Plant store in Amsterdam

In addition to our famous flowers, Bloemenweelde also has a nice collection of plants. Since 2017 we have more retail space (the store at number 112 has been added), which means we can have a lot of special plants in stock.

Are you looking for beautiful plants for your home or office, for yourself or as a gift?

Or are you just looking for a nice plant shop in Amsterdam, then please come and visit Bloemenweelde!

Order plants online

The plants in our store are sold quickly. We have fresh plants almost every day!
For this reason, you will find a limited number of 'standard' plants that can be ordered online on our webshop.
In case you are looking for a different plant, please email or call us. We are happy to help you find the plant you are looking for!

An urban jungle in your home

Do you want to add a little green or an entire urban jungle to your House?
In preparation, think about which plants would suit well in your home. Do you have a lot of space for them? Do you have a lot of light in your room, or will your new plants have to deal with a darker place? Are you looking for plants that are easy to maintain?

With the answers to these questions, we can advise you which plants are a good buy for you.

Changing assortment of pots and plants

Our assortment of pots and plants changes quickly. That is why we sell a limited number of plants in our webshop. You are always welcome to come by and see if you can find a plant to your taste.

If you can’t come by, you can also contact us and we will check for you if we have the plant you are looking for. In case we don’t, we can normally have it in our store within a couple of days.

No green fingers

If caring for plants is not your strongest skill, don't panic and just start with the plants that are easy to maintain. A bit of green in your home makes it so much nicer and you will see that with some tips of our team members you too will manage easily.

And as soon as you realize that you can do it too, you can expand your plant collection with some larger ones to enjoy more greenery and of course to show off your capabilities!

Safe plant transport

Smaller plants are not so difficult to transport yourself. We are happy to wrap your new plant in paper so that it can be transported safely. In case you have found your future large plant in a heavy pot, but don't know how to take it with you: We have a delivery service that can deliver it to your home (in Amsterdam) for a small amount.

Plants for the office

We take care of the office plants at many offices in Amsterdam.
If you want to have your office decorated with plants, please contact us, and we will be happy to inform you.

If you send us information about ​​your office, for instance,  a map and some photos of the inside building, we will quickly get an idea of the possibilities. We naturally keep the space, the incidence of light, and your wishes in mind.

When placing large numbers of plants, a maintenance contract can be offered.

Plants for hotels

We have provided various hotels in Amsterdam with plants. We have suitable plants for in the hotel rooms, but also for the restaurant or in the hotel reception.

Do you need our advice for a plant plan in your hotel? Please contact us, we are happy to help you.

We would like to receive some information about the hotel and what you have in mind.

When placing large numbers of plants, it is usually possible to conclude a maintenance contract.

Plants for fairs and events

We provide plants at fairs and events. You can buy or rent these plants. If you have a drawing of the stand (or a photo of a previous exhibition), we can quickly make a quotation for you.

An example of the plants we provide at fairs are potted plants, green walls, hanging plants, trees, etc.
We love to bring the idea of ​​your exhibition mood board to life.

Plants for photoshoots/film

We regularly rent out plants from our plant store for photo shoots and TV or film productions. Plants are fragile and don't like to be moved, so we like to do the transport in such cases ourselves.

If you need plants for a production, please contact us so we can discuss the possibilities!