Begonia maculata in pot


A beautiful Polka dot Begonia (also known as Begonia maculata) in a pot.
(The pot might be different from the photo)

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Begonia maculata in pot

The Begonia maculata, also known as Polkadot begonia, is a beautiful, striking houseplant.
It has strong olive-green leaves with beautiful white dots. The bottom side of the leaf is red/pink.
Preferably place your Begonia in a place with lots of light, but not in direct bright sunlight.
A spot near a north-facing window is perfect. If you don’t have one, place it a little further from the windowsill, so that it gets light, but is not bothered by the bright afternoon sun behind the window.

The Begonia maculata contains calcium oxalate. This substance is mildly toxic, but very irritating if ingested. As this substance gives a very unpleasant sensation in the mouth, both humans and animals naturally stop eating the plant immediately, which prevents them from eating a large amount that could be fatal. Nevertheless, you should keep in mind that this plant is better placed out of reach from small children and pets.

Care of the Begonia Maculata:
Give the plant small amounts of water regularly. In the summer the advice is twice a week.
Make sure the soil remains slightly moist, without allowing water to remain at the bottom of the pot, as this can cause root rot.
You can place the plant on a saucer so that excess water can drain away.

Repotting the Begonia Plant:
Repot your plant immediately after purchase or in the spring. Use a pot that is only 1 size larger, because if you use a larger pot the plant will use a lot of energy to produce new roots. If you give the plant a larger pot size every year, your Begonia Maculata will grow with care!

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