Calathea in a pot


A beautiful Calathea in a pot
(the pot might be different from the photo).

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Calathea in a pot

The Calathea in a pot is a perfect gift to send to someone as a gift! It is a houseplant that prefers a spot in the shade. If the plant is in the sun, it will form brown edges on its leaves.
Because the plant is naturally used to humidity and heat, it likes to be in a warm spot. However, a place near a radiator is not a good idea, as the air around the radiator gets much too dry for this plant. In fact, a north-facing window is ideal for a Calathea. Otherwise, it can be placed in other places in the house, but further away from the window. Please also be aware that the Calathea is sensitive to draughts.

Calathea is not poisonous, so it is a safe plant if you have children or pets.

Caring for the Calathea:
Provide small amounts of water regularly; our advice is twice a week in the summer. In winter you can water less often. It is important that the plant never dries out and always has slightly moist soil. Drooping or curling leaves are a clear sign of too little water. In such a case, if the plant receives enough water quickly, it can recover.

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