The Calathea is a beautiful tropical, air-purifying houseplant.
We always have a variety of Calathea plants in our store, like the Calathea Medallion, a Calathea Insignis, or a  Calathea Makoyana.

We deliver an available Calathea in the size ordered.

You can choose from two sizes:
Average (approx. 50 cm high)
Large (approx. 70 cm high).

Make sure the soil in the pot is always slightly moist and give the plant a permanent spot with a lot of (indirect) sunlight.

Do you want to order a larger size or a completely different plant? Please contact us, we gladly assist you. We always have many plants in our store and can deliver plants quickly!

    (All Miffy's are 27 cm/10,62 inch)