Chlorophytum in pot


A beautiful St. Bernards Lily in a pot.
(The pot might be different from the photo)

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Chlorophytum in pot

Chlorophytum, also known as Grass Lily, Green Lily, Traffic Light, or Spider Plant, is a very easy houseplant that originates from South Africa.
The plant has wispy green leaves with a white edge.
The Chlorophytum is easy to maintain and purifies the air.

Place your plant in a bright spot, but not in direct sunlight. The plant can also be placed in a dark place, the leaves will then become slightly darker in color.

Do you have cats or dogs that like to nibble on plants? Then the Chlorophytum is a good choice. This plant is not toxic!

Taking care of the Chlorophytum:
Give the plant some water regularly. In summer twice a week is advised, in winter once a week is sufficient.
Make sure the soil remains slightly moist, without allowing water to remain at the bottom of the pot, as this can cause root rot.

Repotting the Chlorophytum:
The plant is known for its fast growth, so repot your plant in the spring. Use a pot that is about 20% larger than the current pot. Fill the new pot with fresh new potting soil and some extra nutrition.

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