Eternal connection


Set of 3 pieces made with beautiful summer colored flowers. Depending on the availability of flowers, the composition may vary slightly.

The funeral piece consists of 3 pieces, 1 larger than the 2 others, connected by ornamental grasses.

A mourning ribbon or card can be added to the shopping cart.
The funeral work can always be adjusted in consultation.

    Choose the mourning ribbon that may be added to the funeral arrangement. A mourning ribbon standard consists of two parts (slips). Adding a third and fourth slip is possible.

    This information is needed when we deliver to the funeral home

    With this information, we can use flowers that will be at their most beautiful during the farewell and funeral. (If this information is not available, please check with the funeral home)

Eternal connection

We make the funeral arrangement ‘Eternal connection’ with beautiful flowers in summer colours. The arrangement is interconnected. Due to the availability of flowers, the delivered funeral arrangement may differ slightly from the heart set in the photo. We do our best to make grief work as similar as possible.

We make this funeral work in a traditional way. The funeral director places the piece on the coffin, or in a beautiful place around the coffin. The wishes of the surviving relatives and also the relationship of the orderer to the deceased are taken into account.

You can easily order the ‘Eternal Connection’ funeral arrangement online, after which we will make and deliver it in and around Amsterdam. We can also have this funeral piece delivered outside Amsterdam, via our Fleurop colleagues. Like us, they are affiliated with the Fleurop network. All communication about your order goes through us.

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