Ficus Benghalensis Audrey


The Ficus Benghalensis Audrey is a popular indoor plant.
This specimen is approximately 70 cm high.
Make sure the soil in the pot is always slightly moist and give the plant a permanent spot with a lot of (indirect) sunlight. It will grow well if you give it a new larger pot every 2 years!

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Ficus Benghalensis Audrey

The Ficus Benghalensis Audrey has a straight trunk and beautiful light green leaves. The plant is also known as the rubber plant.
Preferably place the tree directly next to the window, because this air-purifying plant needs a lot of light! Turn the Ficus Benghalensis Audrey every now and then so that it can grow evenly.

The Ficus Benghalensis Audrey is toxic. The fluid in the leaves can also irritate the skin. For this reason, this plant is not a good choice if you have small children and/or pets.

The amount of water depends on the size of the plant, the amount of light it receives, the humidity, the temperature, and the season.
Always keep the soil slightly moist in summer, but avoid placing the plant’s roots in a layer of water. (risk of root rot)
In winter the plant uses about half of the water it needs in summer!

The Ficus Benghalensis Audrey will drop leaves after being moved or if it needs more light. This often occurs if the plant is purchased in the autumn or winter and then suddenly has much less light than it had in the greenhouse. Give the plant a spot near the window and continue to take good care of it. It will then recover nicely in the spring. If the Ficus has yellow leaves for a longer period, feed the plant with houseplant food. Additional feeding can be done in summer or spring because the plant is dormant in winter.

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