Funeral bouquet white


Horizontal white funeral bouquet with flowers such as ornithogalum, eustoma, calla and hydrangea.

It can be ordered in three sizes.

A mourning ribbon or card can be added.

Would you like a different funeral arrangement in this style?
We gladly inform you about the possibilities.

Depending on the availability of flowers, the composition may be slightly different from the photo.

    Choose the mourning ribbon that may be added to the funeral arrangement. A mourning ribbon standard consists of two parts (slips). Adding a third and fourth slip is possible.

    This information is needed when we deliver to the funeral home

    With this information, we can use flowers that will be at their most beautiful during the farewell and funeral. (If this information is not available, please check with the funeral home)

Funeral bouquet white

Funeral bouquet ‘White’ contains the most beautiful white flowers of the season.

Due to the availability of flowers, the arrangement may differ slightly from the bouquet in the photo. Please know that we always aim to create an arrangement as similar as possible.

This funeral bouquet is arranged horizontally, so it will be at its best when it lies on or around the coffin during the funeral.

Because a horizontal funeral bouquet cannot be placed in a vase, we must bring the bouquet shortly before the ceremony, so that the bouquet is still very fresh during the funeral service.

You can easily order ‘White’ online, after which we will make and deliver it in and around Amsterdam. We can also have the bouquet delivered outside Amsterdam, via our Fleurop colleagues. Like us, they are affiliated with the Fleurop network. All communication about your order goes through us.

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