Japanese holly fern in pot


A beautiful Japanese holly fern (also known as Cyrtomium falcatum) in a pot.
(The pot might be different from the photo)

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    (All Miffy's are 27 cm/10,62 inch)



The Japanese holly Fern is an easy and air-purifying green plant.
Do not place the plant in direct sunlight, a combination of morning sun and afternoon shade would be perfect.
If you have the heating turned up in winter, and humidity is very low in the living room, it is good to place this plant in a cooler (bed)room.

The Japanese holly fern is a good choice if you have children or a pet, this plant is not toxic!

Care instructions:
Make sure that the soil of your holly fern remains slightly moist, without allowing water to remain at the bottom of the pot. This plant needs more water than the average houseplant. A little once or twice a week will do him good. It also likes to be lightly sprayed regularly. This is especially a good idea in winter when humidity is low.
If the leaves turn brown, the plant gets too much water, you should then reduce the amount of water. Low leave production can be caused by too little light, placing the plant in a lighter spot might help!

The Japanese holly fern does not grow that quickly, repotting is only necessary every three years. Repotting is best done in spring or summer.

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