Kentia Forsteriana


The Kentia Forsteriana is a beautiful strong palm plant.
The plant is also known as Kentia Howea Forsteriana or the Kentia palm.
This non-toxic plant is popular and fairly easy to care for.

The Kentia palm prefers to be in the shade or in a darker place in the house. A light spot is allowed, but please don’t place this plant in direct sunlight. Keep the soil moist, making sure that the soil does not get too wet. This would not be good for this plant.

You can order this Kentia palm in two sizes:
Large (approx. 140 cm high)
Extra Large (approx. 160 cm high)

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Kentia Forsteriana

The Kentia Forsteriana palm is a beautiful strong indoor palm and can be placed in either a light or a less light place.
This air-purifying plant is easy to care for and thus ideal to order for people with not such a green thumb.

The Kentia Forsteriana palm is non-toxic and therefore safe for children, cats, dogs, etc.

Caring for the Kentia Forsteriana palm:
Give the plant small amounts of water.
The soil of the Kentia should not become completely dry, but it should not remain very wet either. Wet soil can cause the roots to rot.
The amount of water varies per plant (size/pot size) and the conditions in which the plant is living.
Find out the right amount of water by watering a little and feeling what the soil is like after about 4 days. If you stick your finger in and the soil is very dry, you can give a bit more next time. If the soil is still moist or even wet, this amount has been too much and you must reduce the amount.
In summer you can give the Kentia some water every five days. In winter, once every 10 days should be sufficient.

Does your Kentia get yellow leaves or yellow stems? Then it gets too much light and it must be placed further away from the window.
Brown leaves can be caused by too little or too much water or too much sunlight.

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