Kentia Forsteriana


The Kentia Forsteriana is a beautiful strong palm plant.
The plant is also known as Kentia Howea Forsteriana or the Kentia palm.
This non-toxic plant is popular and fairly easy to care for.

The Kentia palm prefers to be in the shade or in a darker place in the house. A light spot is allowed, but please don’t place this plant in direct sunlight. Keep the soil moist, making sure that the soil does not get too wet. This would not be good for this plant.

You can order this Kentia palm in two sizes:
Large (approx. 140 cm high)
Extra Large (approx. 160 cm high)

Do you want to order a larger size or a completely different plant? Please contact us, we gladly assist you. We always have many plants in our store and can deliver plants quickly!

    (All Miffy's are 27 cm/10,62 inch)