Monstera (large)


The Monstera Deliciosa is a trendy houseplant.
This air-purifying plant is also known as ‘Hole Plant’!

The Monstera likes to be in moist soil, but make sure that the soil does not get too wet. As this will not do the Monstera any good.

You can order this Monstera in two sizes:
Large (approx. 120 cm high)
Extra Large (approx. 150 cm high)

Do you want to order a larger size or a completely different plant? Please contact us, we gladly assist you. We always have many plants in our store and can deliver plants quickly!


Monstera (large)

The Monstera is a strong houseplant that prefers a spot in the shade (or half shade). Especially in summer, it is important that the plant is not in full sunlight.
The Monstera prefers a darker spot in your house. Only when the Monstera starts to develop yellow-brown spots on its leaves you should place it on a lighter spot. This usually occurs in winter.
Put the plant a little closer to a window then, but please make sure that you put it back in a place without direct sunlight in the spring.

Do you have cats or dogs that like to bite plants? Then this plant is less suitable. It is not fatally poisonous, but chewing on the Monstera will give your pet a sore mouth.

Proper care for the Monstera:
Give small amounts of water rather than a large splash!
The plant does not need a lot of water. If your Monstera has brown spots with yellow edges, this is a sign that the plant is receiving too much water.
In summer you can ensure that the soil remains slightly moist, but in other seasons always wait until the soil is completely dry before watering.

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