Orchid in pot


A beautiful Orchid in a pot.  The orchid is a safe choice in case there are animals that like to nibble on plants!

An orchid with 2 stems is 34,95 euro and an orchid with 4 stems is 54,95 euro.

(The pot might be different from the photo)

Do you want to order a larger size, a different color, or a completely different plant? Please contact us, we gladly assist you. We always have many plants in our store and can deliver plants quickly!

Orchid in pot

Order an orchid in a pot and let the recipient enjoy this gift over and over! An orchid will bloom for about 3 months, sometimes even longer.

With the right care, your orchid will bloom again after its resting period. If the flowers fell off but the spikes still look well and healthy, you can just leave your plant resting after which a new blooming period will come. In case the spikes look dried out after blooming, it is best to cut them after flowering with sharp and clean pruning shears. Prune approximately 1 cm above the second node on the branch (counting from the pot). Place the orchid in a quiet, cool place and ignore it there. The plant needs some time but it will then surprise you with a new period of blooming again.

Do you have cats or dogs that like to nibble on plants? Then the orchid is a safe choice.

Care of the Orchid:
Give the water through the soil in the pot. You can also immerse the root ball in a container with warm (preferably rain) water for a few minutes. Allow the root ball to drain thoroughly before placing the plant back in the pot to prevent the roots from rotting. Before watering again, the soil of the entire root ball must have dried again.

We can deliver an orchid in a pot quickly to any destination in the Netherlands.
Bloemenweelde supplies plants for trade fairs and events, for hotels or the office as well!