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Funeral spray with orchids draped over wood stumps finished with orchid, hortensia, roses, bromelia and stag horn.

This arrangement can be ordered in 3 sizes;
about 60 cm/23 inches
about 80 cm/31 inches
about 100 cm/39 inches

A ribbon or card can be added. Depending the availability of flowers the composition can be slightly different from the picture shown.
For more information regarding sending funeral flowers, please check our information on funeral etiquette.

    • 185 €
    • 225 €
    • 265 €

    Choose a blanco card, or a more luxurious card to be added to the funeral arrangement.

    Choose a ribbon to add to the funeral arrangement. A standard ribbon consists of two parts. A third and evt. fourth part can be added.

    • 17.5 €
    • 17.5 €
    • 17.5 €
    • 8.75 €
    • 17.5 €

    This information is needed when we deliver to the funeral home. 

    Met deze informatie kunnen wij bloemen gebruiken die tijdens het afscheid nemen en de uitvaart op hun mooist zullen zijn. (Als deze info niet beschikbaar is, dan vragen wij het even na bij het uitvaartcentrum)


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