Sansevieria Laurentii


The Sansevieria Laurentii is a popular houseplant that is very easy to care for. This plant is also known under the name Women’s Tongue.

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Sansevieria Laurentii

Sansevieria Laurentii is an easy and strong houseplant that does not have many requirements. It requires little water, tolerates dry air, and thrives in both full sun and shade.
Furthermore, this is a highly air-purifying houseplant, that improves the humidity in its surrounding.
It is therefore also a very suitable plant for the bedroom.

Do you have cats or dogs that like to nibble plants?
Then make sure you place the Sansevieria Laurentii out of reach of your pets. This plant is slightly toxic and can cause stomach aches if the leaves are eaten.

How to care for a Sansevieria Laurentii:
The Sansevieria Laurentii only needs (very!) little water. In fact, this plant can only be destroyed by giving too much water! So if you are not sure if you should water it again, you better wait for the next round.
In summer and spring, you can water once every two weeks. In winter, once every six to eight weeks is sufficient. Only water when the soil has dried out completely. If you prefer dark leaves, keep the plant in the shade, as the leaves can lighten up a bit in the sun.

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