Strelitzia in pot


A beautiful Strelitzia in a pot.
(The pot might be different from the photo)

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Strelitzia in pot

The Strelitzia is a beautiful green houseplant that needs a lot of sunlight and water.
Place your Strelitzia where it gets plenty of sunlight so that its beautiful large leaves can bask in the sun.

Do you have cats or dogs that like to nibble on plants? Then be aware that Strelitzia is slightly poisonous. A small amount will not be a problem, but if your cat eats a large amount of the plant, take it to the vet. It is best to put the plant out of reach of your cat.

Caring for the Strelitzia:
This plant needs a lot of water each week, if the soil has dried out again after about a week then you are giving the right amount.
In winter the plant needs less moistness, so give a smaller amount every week in winter.
It is advisable to lightly mist the plant twice a month in winter, to compensate a bit for the lower humidity.
If your plant gets ugly leaves, it might need more daylight!

Repotting the Strelitzia:
Is the plant almost growing out of its pot? Then it’s time to repot. That will be approximately every two years. The new pot may be about 20% larger than the plant itself.

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