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Winter fun


A wonderful winter bouquet, made with vivid flowers in bright shades and complemented with greenery.

This bouquet is available in 3 sizes.
The arrangement on the picture has the size ‘Average’.

The recommended vase for this bouquet will show at the chosen arrangement.

Depending on the availability of flowers and greenery, the composition can be slightly different from the picture shown.

    • 39.95 €
    • 51.95 €
    • 62.95 €
    • 14.95 €
    • 21.95 €
    • 0 €

    (All Miffy's are 27 cm/10,62 inch)

    • 19.95 €
    • 19.95 €
    • 19.95 €
    • 9.95 €
    • 23.95 €
    • 5.95 €
    • 29.95 €
    • 16.95 €
    • 11.95 €
    • 11.95 €


‘Winter fun’ is a colorful winter bouquet made with bright flowers like strelizia, gerbera, lily and it is complemented with greenery.

Because of the availability of flowers the composition can be slightly different from the picture. Of course, we do our best to make the bouquet as similar as possible!

This ‘Winter fun’ bouquet can easily be ordered online.

After we received your order, we will create and deliver it for you in & around Amsterdam. Do you need your order to be delivered elsewhere in the Netherlands? That is perfectly fine too! We will then send your order through to one of our trusted Fleurop Interflora colleagues. All communication regarding your order will be handled by us.

We make our bouquets with the highest care and hope you take the care of your flowers as serious as we do!

Interesting information when ordering with us can be found on our following pages:
How to care for my flowers
Flower ordering & Delivery


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